OCAD University
Illustration 2017

Part of the 102nd
GradExMay 3–7

Spanning 2009–2017, the archive is maintained by the Illustration Department at OCAD University.

About the archive.

Illustration by Samantha Bertram

Building Blocks

Samantha Bertram

Building Blocks is a series of editorial illustrations that showcases the various struggles and feelings of the different “unseen disabilities,” in our society. It highlights the use of architectural elements being used as a gateway to providing a form of portrait style illustrations of the different disabilities chosen. Under this initial concept, the illustrations highlight the disabilities, under the “unseen disabilities” category, located within human beings and how they interact and feel being in everyday society.

Illustration by Cindy Lee


Cindy Lee

Secrets permeate every aspect of society and every area of our life but family secrets are without a doubt the most destructive. People hold onto secrets to keep other people set in their vision of the world and in their vision of themselves. However, secrets in families can be potent and destructive. Families are support systems. Our identity and ability to form close bonds with those around us is rooted upon the trust we feel with our family. The more a family has to lose, the further they go to hide it. “Family” is a series of work that explores secrets of respected families to show that things are not always as they seem.